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Resilient Together: Engaged Local Leadership Inspires Community Participation in Voter Registration Exhibition

Amidst the backdrop of low turnout, apathy, long distances to inspection centers, financial hardships, and time constraints faced by communities, a remarkable story of resilience unfolded in Bomi County. Local leadership inspired and mobilized citizens to actively participate in the voter registration exhibition/inspection process. This story highlights the significant impact of local community efforts in […]

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Can Biometric Voter Registrationdeduplication and public scrutiny enhance voters’ roll integrity in Liberia and elsewhere? Best Practices from the field.

The integrity of the voters’ roll is crucial for the proper functioning of democratic elections. Biometric voter registration (BVR), deduplication, error checking, and public scrutiny are practices that enhance voters’ roll integrity and strengthen the entire election process. In preparation for the October 2023 elections, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) of Liberia is for the […]

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Biometric Voter Registration: 2020 and 2023 Comparison

EISA’s International Election Observation Team to the 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections has compiled a comparison data table whereby Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) figures for the years 2020 and 2023 were compared. The data reveals that, overall, more people have been registered with the BVR compared to the year 2020. From a total of 2 […]

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Leaving No One Behind: Prioritizing Inclusion in Civic and Voter Education for Persons with Disabilities

Inclusive Civic and Voter Education (CVE) plays a crucial role in fostering a democratic society that values the participation of all individuals, including those with disabilities. Ensuring the inclusion of people with Disabilities (PwDs) in civic and voter education is not only a matter of equality and social justice but also a means of empowering […]

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Political parties take a promising step towards securing women’s inclusion in Liberia’s 2023 elections.

On 11 May 2023, political parties and the National Elections Commission (NEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which signals political parties’ commitment to nominating women in a minimum 30% of their candidate listings in the upcoming 2023 General Elections. This commitment demonstrates their support for women’s political participation and was a significant step toward promoting gender equality and women’s political representation.