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Navigating Democracy: Challenges and Opportunities in Liberia’s 2024 Legislative By-elections in Nimba and Grand Gedeh Counties

Liberia is on the verge of conducting pivotal by-elections,  scheduled for April 23, 2024, for a Senatorial seat in Nimba County and a Representative seat for District #1 in Grand Gedeh County. Nimba County, the country’s second-largest Senatorial constituency in number of registered voters with over 300,000 and is at the forefront of national political […]

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ARRIVAL STATEMENT: EISA International Election Observer Mission to the 14 November 2023 Presidential Runoff in Liberia

Members of the mediaFellow observersCitizens of Liberia It is an honour to be here once again in Monrovia. The Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa International Election Observation Mission (EISA-IEOM) announces the arrival of its 18 Short-term Observers (STOs) to observe the 14 November 2023 Presidential runoff election in Liberia. The Mission is headed […]

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Women’s Political Participation: Is Liberia Making Progress?

After many months of campaigning and overcoming financial and institutional challenges, for the successful candidates there is relief that the 10 October elections have concluded. Regrettably, for many women aspirants however, the results of the 2023 elections were not kind. At the voter registration stage, 1,237,257 women registered on the voters’ roll, slightly less than […]

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Importance of Invalid Votes on the 2023 Liberian Elections: Insights and Remedial Measures

The impact of invalid votes in African elections requires careful consideration. Invalid votes often result from errors or unclear markings on the ballot. Such ballots might reflect the voter’s intention, but due to incorrect markings or other issues, they are deemed invalid. Invalid votes can have a significant impact on the outcome of an election, […]

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The Risk of Militancy in support of Political Parties and candidates to Liberia’s National Security

Leading up to the 2023 Legislative and Presidential Elections, EISA Long-Term Observers (LTOs) have noted the public display of militant supporters by several political parties and independent candidates during rallies and meetings in Liberia. The use of militants is prevalent in counties where parties or candidates are looking to consolidate a support base or weaken […]

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From Campaign Trails to Ballot Boxes: Unscrambling the Turnout Puzzle in Elections

Liberia’s election landscape as with many African elections is characterized by a vibrant campaign and electioneering culture with its unique colors and contours. One of the most intriguing aspects of African elections is the relationship between campaign turnout and the eventual voter turnout on election day. Since the beginning of the official campaign period on […]

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Electoral Promises Without Manifestos: A Crucial Missing Piece

As the October 10, 2023, Presidential and Legislative Elections draw closer, one missing element is the absence of clear and well-articulated manifestos from political parties. It is increasingly difficult to distinguish one political party from another in terms of ideological and developmental programmes. In Liberia, robust and vibrant ideologies and programs from political parties and […]

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The Balancing act between Campaign Finance, Money in Politics, and Public Resources in Elections

As Liberia political parties, candidates, and coalitions get in the middle of the electioneering period ahead of the October 2023 elections, the spotlight intensifies on the intricate interplay between campaign finances, money in politics, and public resources. Liberia, like many African countries, grapples with the regulation of political campaign funding. While campaign financing is essential […]