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To date the Institute has published over 2000 publications, journals, occasional papers, policy briefs, reports, and surveys.

Why Gender Quotas don’t Work in Somalia? The Influence of the Electoral System and Clan Politicsenglishsomalia2022electoral-system gender-quotas somalia
Politicking in the Digital Age: Separating the Hype from Realityenglish2022
The Impact of Artificial Echo Chambers on African Elections and Democratic Idealsenglish2022
The Digital Revolution and it’s Impact on Democracyenglish2022
Digital Censorship and Africa’s Democratic Futureenglish2022
Data, the State and Digital Intrusion in Nigeriaenglish2022
policy brief 2022 covid 19 como oportunidade para etectivacao governo electronico eisa2022
policy brief 2021 quem benificiam partidos politicos viabilizados politicos invesidores eisaportuguesemozambique2021
policy brief 2021 oportunidade para os media mocambicanos afirmarem como agentes de peace building eisaportuguesemozambique2021
policy brief 2021 iminente fim oposicao mocambique eisaportuguesemozambique2021
policy brief 2021 desafios da nova cne em contexto de autoritarismo em politico mocambique eisaportuguesemozambique2021
policy brief 2020 um avanco democratico com elevados riscos para renamo eisaportuguesemozambique2020
policy brief 2020 secretario de estado em provincia deve parecer comissario politico disfarcado eisaportuguesemozambique2020
policy brief 2020 partidos politicos eleitoralistas carentes inovacao com ausencia de profissionalismo eisaportuguesemozambique2020
policy brief 2020 modelo alternativo funcional gestao eleitoral mocambique eisaportuguesemozambique2020
policy brief 2020 estado de excepcao calamidade publica eisaportuguesemozambique2020
policy brief 2020 discussoes francas sobre planos realisticos reintegracao crucial para sucesso operacao eisaportuguesemozambique2020
policy brief 2020 declaracao estado sitio em cabo delgade estado de calamidade publica noutras provincias pais eisaportuguesemozambique2020
policy brief 2020 constituicao estabelece replacionamento entre governador provincia hieraquico horizontal eisaportuguesemozambique2020
policy brief 2020 as alternatives para seguro social desemprego em mocambique eisaportuguesemozambique2020
policy brief 2019 party campaign finance south africa elections eisaenglishsouth-africa2019
policy brief 2018 saiia zimbabwe what does future hold under new leadership eisaenglishzimbabwe2018
policy brief 2016 electoral integrity ensuring rhetoric reflects realities africa electoral assesment eisaenglish2016
policy brief 2015 still struggling for equality gender aprm eisaenglish2015
policy brief 2015 mining meaning aprm extractive industries eisaenglish2015
policy brief 2015 calling spade electoral conflict aprm eisaenglish2015
policy brief 2015 an asset different from others eisaenglish2015
policy brief 2015 africas untapped resource analysing youth aprm eisaenglish2015
policy brief 2010 elections become curse redressing electoral violence africa eisaenglish2010
policy brief 2008 electoral systems accountablility options electoral reform south africa eisaenglishsouth-africa2008

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