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Explainer: The Three Ballot System and Amendment of Section 24A of the Electoral Act

The 2024 national and provincial elections in South Africa takes place under a slightly revised electoral system, following the Constitutional Courts ruling of 2021 mandating that Parliament must devise a new electoral system, one that accommodates independent candidates. Following a process of consultations, including the establishment of a ministerial advisory committee on the electoral system, […]

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Edging Towards the election date on 6 May 2024: Citizen motor Parades in N’Djamena, Chad

The countdown to the Chad elections has begun. The country heads inexorably towards May 6th, the date of the presidential election in Chad. The entire country is gearing up for the launch of electoral campaigns, a period where political aspirations clash, societal projects take shape, and every voter seeks to discern the most promising voice […]

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Opinion | Civic and voter Education of CSOs in Chad enhanced at EISA training

Informed citizens’ participation in the Chadian electoral process is essential to strengthening the democratic processes in the upcoming elections in Chad. To this end, EISA facilitated a training of trainers’ workshop on voter education, held from March 12th to 14th, 2024. This initiative facilitated the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and best practices in civic and […]

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Enhancing Democratic Participation in Chad: EISA Launching the Training of Civic Educators

The Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) launched a Civic and voter education Training the Trainers’ workshop. This workshop marks the beginning of a series of civic education activities EISA intends to conduct in major cities across Chad. The activity is aimed at informing citizens on pressing governance related issues within the country. […]

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Can Biometric Voter Registrationdeduplication and public scrutiny enhance voters’ roll integrity in Liberia and elsewhere? Best Practices from the field.

The integrity of the voters’ roll is crucial for the proper functioning of democratic elections. Biometric voter registration (BVR), deduplication, error checking, and public scrutiny are practices that enhance voters’ roll integrity and strengthen the entire election process. In preparation for the October 2023 elections, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) of Liberia is for the […]