Kenya’s Decade of Experiments with Political Party Alliances and Coalitions: Motivations, Impact and Prospects

This article explains the causes, factors and motivations influencing the
formation (the survival and the collapse) of pre-electoral alliances and
coalition governments in Kenya. It also looks at the consequences of alliances
and coalitions for national cohesion and the party system. The paper
demonstrates that alliances and coalitions contribute to national cohesion
in Kenya by bringing together polarised political parties and ethnic groups
and ensuring a more equitable sharing of national resources. Conversely it
argues that while party alliances and coalitions do contribute to a degree of
national cohesion their disintegration may, in certain circumstances, undo
the progress achieved in building national cohesion. Finally the study shows
that party alliances and coalitions tend to weaken smaller parties and the
party system in favour of the larger parties.

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Categories: Journal of African Elections
Tags: alliances, coalitions, CORD, Jubilee, NARC, PNU-ODM, TNA, URP
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