The Electoral Reform Process in Mauritius

This paper confirms the reputation of Mauritius as a stable country with a well entrenched multiparty democracy and parliamentary system, which, however, need deepening. Independent institutions as well as fair, transparent and credible election management processes ensure trust both internally and from external observers in Mauritian democracy and the credibility of the parliamentary and executive selection process. However, the paper also brings to light the shortcomings, acknowledged by the Mauritian stakeholders themselves, of the electoral system which, while it can claim to have provided adequate comfort to the country’s pluriethnic society and to have ensured the stability of the governance system is deficient in promoting adequate gender representation and a fairer distribution of parliamentary representation consonant with the voters’ will. The attempt to reform the system is explained as are the reasons why the reform process is still incomplete.

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Categories: Journal of African Elections
Tags: Electoral Boundaries Commission, Electoral Supervisory Commission, Indo-Mauritian, Mauritius Militant Movement (MMM), Mauritius Socialist Movement (MSM)
journal of african elections vol4 number 1 transparent democratic governance in africa