The Broader Context: Mainstreaming Gender in Public Institutions of Governance and Democracy

The theme of the workshop was democratic values, processes and institutions and my paper addresses gender mainstreaming, equal and effective participation of women and men in democratic processes, and the methods of ensuring genuine and effective partnership between them. The paper specifically addresses the following question: How can Government, Opposition and Parliament ensure that all their activities are characterised by gender sensitivity, full and equal participation of both women and men in the democratic process and (ensure) a genuine and effective partnership between them? Gender mainstreaming, equality, parity, equity and sensitivity are social justice concerns and for democracy and human rights to thrive it is essential that these concerns be effectively addressed. There cannot be democracy and genuine partnership between women and men if there is no equality and mutual respect founded on the above principles.

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Categories: Journal of African Elections
Tags: Affirmative action, Democratic Party (DP), Forum for Restoration of Democracy – Kenya (FORD-Kenya), Gender equality and equity, gender mainstreaming, Gender parity and fair representation, Kenya African National Union (Kanu), National Alliance of Kenya (NAK)
journal of african elections vol3 number 1 transparent democratic governance in africa