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EISA supports ECCAS Technical Retreat

2022 EISA-ECCAS Technical Retreat 9 – 11 May 2022 EISA supported the Economic Community of Central African State (ECCAS) in convening a technical retreat from May 09 to 11 to review the draft guidelines for election observation and the draft principles of democratic elections. The retreat was held at the Dounía Park outside Libreville. EISA […]

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Launch of the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy (EISA)-International Election Observation Mission (EOM) Project for Liberia 2023 elections

The Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) is pleased to announce the launch of its International Election Observation Mission project for the Liberia 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections. The EISA International Election Observation Mission (EISA-IEOM), funded by USAID-Liberia to deploy short and long-term international observers, will assess the integrity of the electoral process […]

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EISA Somalia: Somalia 2021/2 Election Update

The Somalia 2021/2 Election Update was set up to provide regular and reliable election related information for media, political parties, civil society organisations and other interested stakeholders for 2021/2 Somali Presidential elections, as well as the House of the People and Senate elections. Countdown to Presidential Election EXPIRED Results House of the People States Total […]

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EISA Regional Forum 2022

Regional Workshop on the Review of EISA’s “Benchmarks for Enhanced Political Party Performance for Democratic Governance in Africa” Radisson Red Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa 29-30 March 2022 Documents Concept NoteAgenda Background EISA hosted a regional workshop for political parties from Great Lakes, east and Southern Africa region in order to review its “Benchmarks for enhanced […]

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EISA concludes visit to CENI

2022 Gender training follow-up meeting Following the training on how to integrate gender analysis into law-making for the parliament staff committee, EISA conducted a follow-up meeting to check with the training beneficiaries (from 2021) how they used their skills in analysing laws and bills to be more gender-sensitive. EMB BRIDGE training on electoral management and […]

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Call for Contributions and Peer-reviewers

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