Ethics in Electoral Democracies: A Critical Reflection on Lesotho’s 2022 Elections

This study is a critical reflection on how the positive impact of ethics in Lesotho’s political elections and democracy could be amplified for lasting peace and political stability. It is based on secondary data from available literature against the background of Lesotho’s existing, mixed-member proportional (MMP) electoral system. The MMP system has given birth to the political phenomenon of inconclusive electoral results and unstable coalition governments in recent years. This political phenomenon emanates from intra- and inter-party conflicts, which often led to undesirable and premature dissolutions of parliament and snap elections. Here, ethics should be understood as an essential component of a healthy process in electoral democracy and a practice necessary for rresting the enduring political instability in Lesotho.

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Categories: Journal of African Elections
Tags: civic and voter education, Constitution of Lesotho, electoral participation, Independent Electoral Commission, lesotho, Lesotho 2022 elections, voter turnout
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