The 2020 Chadema Special Seats Dispute in Tanzania: Does the National Electoral Commission Comply with the Law

This article focuses on the CHADEMA dispute regarding the selection
of its 19 women to special parliamentary seats after the completion of the
2020 general elections in Tanzania. It argues that the dispute is caused by
the failure of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to provide political
parties with a uniform and transparent modality for the selection of women
to special seats against the requirement of Article 81 of the 1977 Constitution.
The NEC’s failure has led to modalities of implementing women’s special seats
that are incompatible with the international standards governing ‘Temporary
Special Measures’ (TSM). This has led to conflict, the marginalisation and
discrimination of women in special seats, ridicule of the special seats system,
and a slow transition of women from special to constituency seats. The article
provides suggestions on how the special seats system could be reviewed and
repositioned to achieve its intended objectives.

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Categories: Journal of African Elections
journal of african elections vol20 number 2 transparent democratic governance in africa