South Africa’s Democracy: The Quality of Political Participation over 25 Years eisa

South Africa has made considerable progress since 1994 in institutionalising
and consolidating the quality of its democracy. However, serious and
persistent governance and socio-economic related problems have angered and
frustrated the people and motivated increased protest action through both
conventional and less conventional channels. The opportunity for citizens
to participate in the political process is essential for a healthy democracy,
therefore it is important that appropriate procedures and mechanisms are in
place to facilitate this participation. Using quality of democracy methodology,
the paper addresses several important questions, namely: how developed are
the opportunities for conventional participation in South Arica, and to what
extent are these taken up? and, what non-conventional forms of participation
exist and what is government’s response? In addressing these questions, this
paper explores the link between active citizenship and political participation
over the last 25 years with a view to ascertaining the quality of South Africa’s
political participation.

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