Electoral Governance and Democratisation in Southern African Post-Conflict States: Electoral Management Bodies in Angola, Mozambique and South Africa

Democratisation is a complex process that includes crafting political
institutions. These institutions reflect existing power relations at the critical
juncture of their genesis, thus influencing the development of subsequent
political processes. The study uses this perspective to examine the impact
of electoral governance on democratisation with a focus on three southern
African post-conflict states. Specifically, the paper investigates the role
of electoral management bodies (EMBs) in accounting for the distinctive
regime trajectories in Angola, South Africa and Mozambique. The analysis
suggests that successful attempts by incumbents to redesign EMBs after the
founding elections have led to the establishment of self-serving institutions
of electoral governance. This has had a negative impact on the credibility
of subsequent electoral processes and the nature of the emerging regimes in
the countries under scrutiny.

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