Mozambiques’s 2014 Elections: A Repeat of Misconduct, Political Tension and Frelimo Dominance

The cease-fire that ended the military hostilities between government and
Renamo paved the way for Mozambique’s fifth general elections on 14
October 2014. Frelimo consolidated its dominant position in an election
underpinned by fraud and misconduct at the polling stations. There was an
imbalance of power with Frelimo enjoying better organisation and patronage
networks, control of the police and media, and secrecy in the National
Electoral Commission (CNE), including altering results. This imbalance is
shaped partly by the system of party dominance but also by the weakness
of opposition parties who failed to use existing systems. Renamo’s dispute
of the electoral results and its endeavour to engage in dialogue with the
government as a remedy for the alleged fraud reflects the inadequacy of
Mozambique’s elections as the mechanism for a political settlement. This
sets the agenda for the next electoral cycle which, in procedural terms, will
mirror previous elections.

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