Election Observation and the Question of State Sovereignty in Africa

The fundamental question of whether international election observation
strengthens or weakens state sovereignty in African states is examined in
this article, using a three-branched hypothesis. Firstly, that the presence
of international election observers in the host state does not violate state
sovereignty. Secondly, that international election observation enhances
democratic legitimacy in the state concerned. Thirdly, that with the
advent of the right to intervene in international law, international election
observation is a tool used to reinforce the legitimate sovereignty of the
state. Many researchers argue that international election observation has
been used to infringe state sovereignty, especially in post-conflict states.
This paper presents a different view by offering a general analysis of the
African continent, demonstrating that international election observation
makes an invaluable contribution to restoring and reinforcing legitimate
state sovereignty.

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Categories: Journal of African Elections
Tags: Election Observation, legitimacy, sovereignty
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