The Impending Collapse of the House of Mamphela Ramphele: Agang SA

In the 2014 general elections Agang SA won 52 350 votes (0.28% of the
18654 771 votes cast) and only two seats in the National Assembly. The
electoral performance of the newly-formed party was dismal, especially in
comparison to that of its fellow debutant, the Economic Freedom Fighters
(EFF). This article explores the reasons for Agang SA’s poor performance
and concludes that they may include both the fact that its political message
did not resonate with the wider population and the fact that its campaign
strategy was ineffectual. However, it would seem that the main reason
for the party’s failure was that it was formed around the character and
personal successes of one individual – its founder, Dr Mamphela Ramphele.
Ramphele’s reputation wittingly or unwittingly shaped the character and
orientation of Agang SA, and her political indiscretions compromised its
electoral potential. The future of Agang SA is bleak and its collapse almost

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