Monetary Clout and Electoral Politics in Kenya: The 1992 to 2013 Presidential Elections in Focus

This article sets out to analyse the role and impact of monetary power in
Kenya’s presidential elections. It examines the economic advantages or lack
thereof which each of the candidates marshalled to fight the elections and
the extent to which the economic edge determined the final outcome. The
article focuses on the five presidential elections Kenya has held since its first
multiparty dispensation. The analysis traces the consistency of trends and
the presence, or absence, of patterns in an attempt to draw generalisations
and parallels, and demonstrates how economic wealth has been used by
Kenyan presidential candidates since 1992 to influence and win elections.
The article contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the conceptual,
legal and practical development of the role of money in supporting and/or
discrediting presidential electoral processes and outcomes in Kenya.

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Categories: Journal of African Elections
Tags: campaign finance, Campaign Finance Bill 2012, money in politics, Political Parties Act of 2011
journal of african elections vol13 number 2 transparent democratic governance in africa