Zimbabwe’s Land Politics and the 2005 Elections

One hundred and fifteen years ago the Pioneer Column hoisted the Union Jack in Salisbury and took possession of all unoccupied land in the name of Queen Victoria, an act of conquest which ushered in close to 100 years of colonial domination of the people of the land by the British. Accordingly, access to and ownership of land has been an intrinsic part of the political discourse in Zimbabwe. Prior to independence land was a key driver of political change. This paper examines the key milestones of Zimbabwe’s land reform process over the years to demonstrate how, during the post-independence era and culminating in the 2005 parliamentary elections, land has continued to have significant value with respect to political dominance and capital.

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Categories: Journal of African Elections
Tags: Fast Track Land Reform Programme (FTP), Land Politics, Land Reform and Resettlement Programme (LRRP2), MDC, National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), ZANU-PF