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Next elections due

National Assembly & Provincial Legislatures: 2024; President: 2024 (elected by each new parliament)
Local government: 1 Nov. 2021

2021 Local government elections

Election Calendar

Special Report: IEC commissions Moseneke enquiry into feasibility of holding "free and fair" elections

Election day: 1 Nov 2021
Special Votes: Home visitations and special votes at Presiding Officer: 30 - 31 Oct 2021
Notice: List of addresses of voting stations open for inspection; Notice of routes, locations and times of stopping of Mobile voting stations: 15 Oct 2021
Closing of applications for Special Votes: 4 Oct 2021 (17:00)
Issue of certificates to party list and ward candidates: 1 Oct 2021
Cut-off date: Compilation and certification of lists of parties contesting the election; Cut-off date: Compilation and certification of list of ward candidates: 29 Sep 2021
Cut-off date: Certification and publication of votersí roll: 26 Sep 2021
Outcome on objections to voters' roll; Cut-off date to notify candidates appearing on multiple party lists; Cut-off date: for a party / independent nominator to rectify candidates on multiple party lists: 24 Sep 2021
Cut-off date: for a party/ independent to submit outstanding ward and PR candidates; Cut-off date: for a party to submit outstanding PR candidate documents; Close of inspection voters' roll for objections to additions: 23 Sep 2021
Cut-off date: To notify party / independent nominator of non compliance: 22 Sep 2021
Inspection of voters' roll; Cut-off date to submit party lists and nomination of ward candidates: 21 Sep 2021
Opening of applications for Special Votes; Close of Voters Roll; Opening of candidate nomination, submission of party lists, payment of deposits, proclamation of Election Timetable, publication of election timetable: 20 Sep 2021
Constitutional Court rules on whether to postpone elections: 3 Sep 2021
Deputy Chief Justice publishes his report: 20 Jul 2021
IEC announces a review on "whether the current conditions are conducive or not to the holding of free and fair elections later this year: 20 May 2021

2019 National Assembly and provincial elections

EISA documents

Research report

Research report: Clayton Hazvinei Vhumbunu and Olufunto Akinduro (eds) 2020 Follow the Money: A Research Report on Party and Campaign Finance in South Africa's 2019 Elections, EISA.
Policy brief: Party and campaign finance in South Africa in the 2019 National and Provincial Elections, Siphesihle Ndamase 2020.

2019 South African Elections: EISA EOM leader, former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and EISA ED Denis Kadema meet with senior ANC officials behind the scenes at the ANC final campaign rally
EOM Statements and reports
Elections Resource Center


National Assembly results
Parties in 2019 National Election
Voter registration by province
Election calendar
Election observer mission statements

2019 South African Elections: EISA's Executive Director Denis Kadema observes the EFF's final campaign rally at Orlando Stadium, Sowetho 2019 South African Elections: EISA observer team at an IEC provincial operations centre