Election observation and electoral reform

See also: Citizen observation and electoral reform advocacy

Apart from conducting its own election observation missions, EISA works on election observation with organisations such as the African Union, African Regional Economic Communities, as well as on citizen observation, political party poll watching, and electoral reform on the national level.


Election management and observation
Democratisation and electoral reform

Observation technology
  • EISA's Popola system used for the electronic collection, collation and analysis of field observation data in real time.
  • EISA's Online Integrity Tool is used to enable observer groups to conduct a qualitative assessment of the different elements of the electoral cycle asa basis for developing a balanced and comprehensive assessment of an electoral process.
EISA election observation missions

EISA international election observation missions bring representatives of civil society organisations, election management bodies, political parties, academic institutions, and the media of African countries together to observe elections.

Support to the African Union and Regional Economic Communities

Support to the African Union aims at improving election observation and so promote credible democratic elections on the continent as mandated by the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance. Pre-election Assessment Mission reports inform the deployment of EOMs.

Support to Regional Economic Communities aims at improving their election observation in to promote credible democratic elections on the continent, as laid down by international and regional election benchmarks for the conduct and monitoring of elections.

National level observation

CountryObservation actorsElectoral reform
AlgeriaCitizen observers
AngolaEISACitizen observersPoll-watchersWorkshops & conference
BotswanaEISACitizen observersPoll-watchers
Burkina FasoEISA
BurundiEISACitizen observersPoll-watchers
CameroonCitizen observers
Cape VerdeEISA
Central African RepublicEISACitizen observers
CAR (2013-2016)EISACitizen observersConsultation committee
ChadEISACitizen observersPoll-watchersStakeholder conference
Côte d'IvoireEISACitizen observersPoll-watchersElectoral reform
DRCEISACitizen observersPoll-watchersNational Forum support
DRC (2004-2011)EISACitizen observers
EgyptEISACitizen observers
GhanaEISACitizen observers
KenyaCitizen observersPoll-watchersParliamentary Select Committee
LesothoEISACitizen observersPoll-watchers
MadagascarEISACitizen observersPoll-watchers
MalawiEISACitizen observersPoll-watchers
MaliCitizen observersPoll-watchers
MozambiqueEISACitizen observersPoll-watchersSupport to stakeholders
NamibiaEISACitizen observersPoll-watchers
NigerEISACitizen observers
RwandaCitizen observers
SeychellesEISACitizen observers
Sierra LeoneEISACitizen observers
SomaliaCitizen observersParliamentary Ad Hoc Committee
South AfricaEISACitizen observersPoll-watchers
Parliamentary Ad Hoc Committee
SudanCitizen observers
SwazilandEISACitizen observersPoll-watchers
TanzaniaEISACitizen observersPoll-watchers
UgandaEISACitizen observers
ZambiaEISACitizen observersPoll-watchers
ZimbabweEISACitizen observers

Related work

The UN DOP Group

Addressing electoral integrity in Africa is a research and advocacy project aimed at contributing to the improvement of assessment of electoral integrity; and in the long run to contribute to the mitigation of electoral flaws that undermine democratic consolidation and good governance in Africa.

Principles for Election Management, Monitoring and Observation in the SADC Region has served as benchmarks on for observation, monitoring and assessment of elections in the SADC region from 2004 onwards, and has informed and inspired post-election reviews and election reforms in the SADC region and inspired the development of similar tools in other regions of the globe.