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Presidential, House of Assembly, Senate & local government: 2023

2023 Harmonised Elections

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Position Paper: Political finance
Position Paper: Delimitation ahead of the 2023 Harmonised Elections

2018 Harmonised Elections


Zimbabwe Electoral Commission: Report, 8 Feb 2019
Presidential results
ZESN's SBO presidential results projections
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Polling station queue at midday on election day, 30 Jul 2018 Presidential candidates
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Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network:
Sample-based presidential results projections

ZESN's Sample-based observation presidential results projection, 3 Aug 2018
ZIMBABWE ELECTORAL SUPPORT NETWORK 2018 "ZESN's Presidential Results Projection from Sample-Based Observation", 3 Aug, 3, [www] http://www.zesn.org.zw/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/ZESN%E2%80%99s-Presidential-Results-Projection-from-Sample-Based-Observation.pdf (accessed 7 Aug 2018). Women vote at a women staffed polling station, 30 July 2018

Facts and analysis

Free for All but Not Free for 52% : A Feminist Analysis of Zimbabwe's 30 July 2018 Harmonized Election, AfricaKontact, 2018 (accessed 7 Mar 2019)
Rethinking women's political participation in Zimbabwe's elections, Antonetta Hamandishe, Africa Portal, 27 Jul 2018 (accessed 24 Jul 2018)
Tensions Rise Ahead of Zimbabwe's Elections, Piers Pigou, International Crisis Group, 27 Jul 2018 (accessed 24 Jul 2018)
Postal Voting, Election Watch 31/2018, 16 July 2018
What does the future hold under new leadership?, Ronak Gopaldas, SAIIA, July 2018
Factsheet [The Role of Observers], Nelson Banya & Cris Chinaka, ZimFact, 27 Jun 2018

Polling station interior, 30 Jul 2018 Zimbabwe election day queue, 30 Jul 2018 ZEC's first press briefing on election day, 30 Jul 2018 ZEC's results centre set up for the 2018 Harmonised Elections