Zambia: 2016 Presidential election results

Reviewed March 2021

Voting statistics

Registered Voters 6,698,372
Votes Cast 3,781,505
Voter Turnout 56.45
Valid Votes 3,695,710
Invalid Votes 85,795
% Invalid 2.27

Table Source

ECZ 2016a.

Parallel vote tabulation

The Christian Churches Monitoring Group conducted a PVT, and after comparing their findings with the results of the ECZ they concluded (CCMG 2016):

Now that the ECZ has declared results for the 2016 presidential elections, CCMG affirms that its PVT estimates for the presidential election are consistent with the ECZ's official results. All stakeholders, particularly political parties, that participated in the election should have confidence in the ECZ's presidential results.

Official final results

The official final results were publiched on on the ECZ's website on Tueday 16 Aug 2016 at 19:45 (ECZ 2016a).

Candidate Running mate Party Votes % votes
Edgar Lungu Inonge Wina Patriotic Front (PF) 1,860,877 50.35
Hichilema Hakainde Geoffrey Mwamba United Party for National Development (UPND) 1,760,347 47.63
Edith Nawakwi Clement Mwanza Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) 24,149 0.65
Andyford Banda Enock Tonga People's Alliance for Change (PAC) 15,791 0.43
Wynter Kabimba Cosmas Musumali Rainbow Party (RAINBOW) 9,504 0.26
Saviour Chishimba Sinanzeni Chuma United Progressive People (UPP) 9,221 0.25
Tilyenji Kaunda Njekwa Ement Anamela United National Independence Party (UNIP) 8,928 0.24
Peter Sinkamba Clement Tafeni Green Party of Zambia (Greens) 4,515 0.12
Maxwell Mwamba Rosemary Kabungo Democratic Assembly (DA) 2,378 0.06
Total 3,695,710 99.99


ECZ 2016a, 2016b


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