Tanzania: Fact file

Updated August 2020

Name United Republic of Tanzania
Area 945 087 sq km (Frame 2011, 1231)
Major cities Dodomo (capital), Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Tanga, Zanzibar, Mbeya, Arusha, Morogoro, Shinyanga (Frame 2011, 1231)
Boundaries Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Indian Ocean
Population 59.7 million, 2020 est (UN Statistics Division 2019a)
Pop growth 2.87%, 2020-2025 est (UN Statistics Division 2019b)
Urbanisation 34.5%, 2019 est (UN Statistics Division undated)
Life expectancy Female 68.3 yrs, male 64.5 yrs; 2020-2025 est (UN Statistics Division 2019c, 2019d)
Infant mortality 34/1000, 2020-2025 est (UN Statistics Division 2019e)
HIV/AIDS prevalence 4.8%, 15-49 yr 2019 est (UN Aids undated)
Adult literacy rate 78%; 2015 est (UNESCO Institute for Statistics undated)
Military expenditure 1.2% of GDP; 2018 (UN Statistics Division 2020a)
Health expenditure 4.00% of GDP; 2016 (DataBank 2020a)
Legal system English common law, customary and Islamic law (Nyanduga & Kasera 2020)
Independence 6 December 1961
GDP US$67.241 billion, 2020 est (World Economic Outlook Database 2019a)
GDP per capita US$1,044 Mainland, US$1,024 Zanzibar; 2018 est (UN Statistics Division 2020b)
GDP growth rate 2.0%, 2020 est (DataMapper 2020a)
Main exports Gold, raw tobacco, raw copper, refined petroleum, cashew nuts, coffee beans, refined cotton (OEC, 2018)
Currency 100 cents = 1 Tanzanian shilling (Frame 2011, 1246)
Unemployment 9.6%, 2019 (NBS 2020, 40)
Inflation rate 3.9%, 2020 (DataMapper 2020b)
External debt ratio 38.7% of GDP, 2020 forecast (World Bank Undated)
Infrastructure Road 36 370 km (24 163 km Regional; 12 207 Trunk); 62 airports (4 International); Rail 3 676 (ITA 2019)
Ethnic groups Tanzania has over 120 ethnic groups. The largest are, the Sukuma and the Nyamwezi (Frame 2011, 1231)
Languages Official languages Swahili and English; languages with over a million speakers include the Sukuma, Gogo, Nyamwezi, Haya, Makonde and the Ha. Languages with over half a million speakers include Hehe, Nyakyusa-Ngonde, Luguru, Shambala, Bena, Mochi, Nyaturu, Asu, Yao, Mwera and the Iraqw. A further 108 smaller languages are found (Lewis 2009)
Religion Christian 30%-40%; Muslim 30%-40%; the rest African traditional beliefs, atheists, other faiths (Frame 2011, 1253)


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