Swaziland: Elections and Boundaries Commission

Updated July 2013

The Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) is established by the new constitution and replaces the Electoral Office which previously managed Swaziland's elections (Constitution 2005, Article 90(1)).


The EBC consists of a Chair and Deputy-Chair appointed by the King on the advice of the Judicial Service Commission and three other members appointed by the King on consultation with the ministers responsible for elections and for local government (Constitution 2005, 90(1)-(2)). Commissioners may only be removed by the King for incompetence or misbehaviour on the recommendation of the Judicial Services Commission (Constitution 2005, 90(10) cf Article 158).

Terms of Office

The term of office of a Commissioner is twelve years and is not renewable (Constitution 2005, 90).


The Constitution tasks the EBC with the following (Constitution 2005, 90(5)):

  • To supervise voter registration.
  • To ensure fair and free elections.
  • To facilitate voter education.
  • To delimit tinkhundla (constituencies, literally "chiefdoms").
  • To produce periodic reports on work done.


The following were appointed members of the Commission by King Mswati III; one member, Gloria Mamba died in December 2011 and has not been replaced (Simelane 2008; EISA 2013):

  • Chief Gija Dlamini (Chair)
  • Mzwandile Fakudze (Deputy Chair)
  • Princess Nkosingumenzi Dlamini
  • Ncumbi Maziya


The EBC is required to produce a report after each election on that election for the minister responsible for elections (Constitution 2005, 92). The EBC must also produce a report making recommendations on the boundaries of the tinkhundla and the King will then proclaim the new boundaries delimited by the Commission to be effective for the next general election not less than six months before the dissolution of Parliament (Constitution 2005, 92).


The salaries of EBC members are funded from the Consolidated Fund (Constitution 2005, 208(4)).

Official website

Elections and Boundaries Commission: [www] http://www.elections.org.sz/ [opens new window] (accessed 9 July 2013).


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