Malawi: Electoral legislation

Updated February 2019


Constitution of the Republic of Malawi 1994; includes amendments to 2017.

Electoral law

Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act (Chapter 2:01) (includes amendedments to 1998).

Electoral Commission Act (Chapter 2:03) (includes amendments to 2010).

Local Government Elections Act (Chapter 2:01) (includes amendments to 1999).

Local Government Act, 1998
Local Government Amendment Act, 2017.

Political parties

Political Parties Act, 2018.

Code of Conduct for Political Parties Candidates, Malawi Electoral Commission 2019.

International Observers

Code of Conduct For International Observers

Repealed legislation

Political Parties (Registration and Regulation) Act (Cap 2:07).

Presidential Elections Act, 1966

Parliamentary Elections Act, 1966

Registration of Voters Act, 1966