Runup to Local Government Elections 2019

The date of municipal elections has been set for 27 November 2019.

6 275 candidates are running as mayors in the country's 1695 municipalities and 4 902 as municipal councillors. There are 10 299 583 registered voters and 25 288 polling stations. The campaign period begins on the 5th of November and ends on the 25th of November. Despite underlying social tensions, the pre electoral climate is generally calm and peaceful. However, challenges remain: Continued decrease in voter turnout in a context where turnout for local elections is already low. Furthermore, no efforts for voter sensitisation are currently done by the CENI. The CENI has no budget for civic and voter education whereas international donors too have not provided funds. Lack of civil society involvement compared to the General and Legislative elections.


EISA 2019, e-mail circulated, 30 Oct