SADC Constitution

Updated June 2007

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Country Foundation law Democratic elections
ANGOLA Constitution of Republic of Angola 1975 First and only multiparty elections in 1992
BOTSWANA Constitution of Republic of Botswana 1966 Multi-party elections since independence in 1966
DRC Constitution of Democratic Republic of Congo 2005 First multiparty elections 1960, 1965, 2006
LESOTHO Constitution of Kingdom of Lesotho 1993 Multiparty elections 1965, 1970, 1993 onwards
MADAGASCAR Constitution of Republic of Madagascar 1992 Multiparty elections 1962, 1967, 1972, 1992 onwards
MALAWI Constitution of Republic of Malawi 1975 Multiparty elections since 1994
MAURITIUS Constitution of the Republic of Mauritius 1968 Multiparty elections since 1967 (1972 elections delayed to 1976)
MOZAMBIQUE Constitution of Republic of Mozambique 1990 Multiparty elections since 1994
NAMIBIA Constitution of Republic of Namibia 1990 Multiparty elections since 1989
SEYCHELLES Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles 1993 Multiparty elections since 1993
SOUTH AFRICA Constitution of the Republic of SA 1997 Multi-party elections since 1994
SWAZILAND Constitution of the Kingdom of Swaziland 2005 Multi-party election 1972, parties banned since 1973
TANZANIA Constitution of United Republic of Tanzania 1977 Multiparty elections since 1995
ZAMBIA Constitution of Republic of Zambia 1996 Multiparty elections 1964-1971, since 1991
ZANZIBAR Constitution of Zanzibar 1984 Autonomous territory within the United Republic of Tanzania. Multiparty elections since 1995
ZIMBABWE Constitution of Republic of Zimbabwe 1980 Multiparty elections since 1980