CAR: 2005 National Assembly election results

Updated October 2010

The election for the 105 seats of the National Assembly took place in two rounds on 13 March and 8 May 2005 (Fandos-Rius 2010; IPU 2010; Nunley 2005).

Voting statistics

Item 1st round 2nd round
Registered voters 1 302 930 1 452 211
Ballots cast 946 616 no data
Percentage poll 72.65 no data
Valid ballots 889 594 no data
Spoilt ballots 57 022 no data
% Spoilt 6.02 no data

Table sources

IPU 2010; Fandos-Rius 2010.

Representation of Women

Of the 105 members elected 11 (10.48) were women; originally 12 women were elected, but the election of one was invalidated by the Constitutional Court and her replacement was a man (IPU 2010).

Electoral alliances

Two coalitions were formed (Fandos-Rius 2010; Nunley 2005):

  • The National Convergence "Kwa na Kwa" (KNK) was a coalition of small parties and independents that supported independent candidate François Bozizé in the presidential election.
  • The Concertation des Partis Politiques d'Opposition (CCPO) was a coalition of 12 of the smaller parties.

Seat distribution by party

The results of one constituency were set aside in October 2005 by the Constitutional Court and the seat allocated to another candidate; the results below reflect the situation after the decision of the Court (Fandos-Rius 2010; Nunley 2005).

Coalition Party Seats % Seats
National Convergence "Kwa na Kwa" (KNK) Parti pour la Démocratie en Centrafrique (PDCA) 8 7.62
Parti National (PNCN) 7 6.67
Parti Libéral-Démocrate (PLD) 3 2.86
Parti d'Action pour le Développement (PAD) 2 1.90
Union Nationale pour la Démocratie et le Rassemblement (UNADER) 2 1.90
Mouvement pour la Démocratie et le Développement (MDD) 2 1.90
MUPS 1 0.95
Front National Démocratique (FND) 1 0.95
KNK independents 16 15.24
Total 42 40.00
Mouvement pour la Libération du Peuple Centrafricain (MLPC) 11 10.48
Concertation des Partis Politiques d'Opposition (CCPO) Parti Social Démocrate (PSD) 5 4.76
Parti de l'Unité Nationale (PUN) 3 2.86
Mouvement pour la Démocratie l'Indépendance et le Progrès Social (MDI-PS) 3 2.86
Total 11 10.48
Rassemblement Démocratique Centrafricain (RDC) 7 6.67
Front Patriotique pour le Progrès (FPP) 2 1.90
Alliance pour la Démocratie et le Progrès (ADP) 2 1.90
Löndö 1 0.95
Parti Social Démocrate-Congrès des Sociaux Démocrates en Centrafrique (PSD-CSDC) 1 0.95
Forum Démocratique pour la Modernité (FODEM) 1 0.95
Unaffiliated independents 27 25.71
Total 105 100.00

Table sources

The sources consulted gave disparate and conflicting data on the seat distribution and the reconstruction given above is based primarily on the detailed information supplied by Juan Fandos-Rius (2010), but in 12 seats he lacked information of the affiliation of candidates. An anonymous and undated document produced shortly after the announcements of the provisional results of the second round provided a list of members of the National Assembly that the writer expected to support the government of President Bozizé that, by careful comparison with the work of Fandos-Rius, reduced the number of uncertain seats to six (Anonymous 2005). Comparison of the figures thus obtained with those of Albert Nunley (2005) and the IPU (2010) led the writer to allocate these to these six members to the unaffiliated independents, though with some reservations. A high degree of confidence may be placed in the figures for the KNK and CCPO coalitions, the FPP and the ADP. The MLPC and Löndö may have one seat more than is indicted above and possibly also (though more unlikely) the PSD-CSDC and FODEM.


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