Burundi: Mass media

Updated May 2020

The National Communication Council (CNC) was established in 1992 by Article 275 of the Constitution. Its mandate is to "ensure broad citizen participation in the management of public affairs" (Constitution 2005, 275). The first decree associated with the CNC was issued out on the fourth of 4th of April 1992, this decree provided rules and regulations of the media as well as provided accreditation to foreign journalists (National communication Council, 2020).

Article 31 of states that "Independent candidates, coalitions and political parties may use the media of the state for their election campaign". Furthermore, the National Communication Council's role is to ensure that all candidates have equal access to state media (Loi No 1/11 2019, 31).

The CNC has released the 2020 Code of Conduct for Media and Journalists for during the 2020 Election Period


CONSTITUTION LA REPUBLIQUE DU BURUNDI 2005, with amendments up to 2018 (accessed 9 March 2020).

LOI N 1/11 du 20 MAI 2019 Portant Modification de la Loi N1/20 du 3 Juin 2014 portant code electoral, with amendments up to 2019 (accessed 9 March 2020).