symp2014participants The Ninth Annual EISA Symposium, 2014

Experiences, lessons and good practices in promoting gender equality in politics in Africa

Johannesburg, South South Africa

11-12 December 2014


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This symposium presents a valuable opportunity to take stock of two decades of identifiable trends, challenges and results achieved across countries, national processes and institutions in support of enhanced women's participation in the political arena.

It is timely, particularly on the eve of the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015, and will contribute to informing strategies and approaches towards more effective post-2015 overarching gender equality goals in the African continent. Lastly, the EISA's ninth annual symposium offers an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and opportunities for women's leadership and political participation in the lead up to the 20-year review and commemoration of the Beijing Platform for Action to take place in 2015, and its Critical Area G on 'Women, Power and Decision-making.'

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