The Third Annual EISA Symposium, 2008

Strengthening Democratic Governance through the African Peer Review Mechanism: A civil society dialogue

Polana Hotel, Maputo, Mozambique

21 - 22 October 2008


Symposium statement
Concept Note


The 2008 Annual Symposium will be the third event of its kind organised by EISA. In 2006, the first symposium examined the challenges of conflict, democracy and development in Africa. In 2007, the second symposium looked at sustainable democratic governance, asking the question whether democracy works in Africa under conditions of entrenched poverty and enfeebled institutions. In 2008, the symposium focuses upon the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM). It will draw upon the experiences of policy makers and civil society stakeholders over the five yeas since its inception in 2003.

See also: Third EISA Symposium generates renewed civil society interest in APRM and EISA's African Peer Review Mechanism Support programme

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