EISA Sudan: Citizen observation


EISA Sudan civil society partners and EOM members Omer Elkhair Ibrahim (left), Elham Jobara Abdallah Elsheikh (centre) and Abdallah Elsheikh (right) with EISA Sudan Country Director Mukenyi Badibanga (second from left) and EISA Executive Director Baïdessou Soukolgué (second from right).
EISA sponsors partners from Sudanese civil society to observe Kenya elections

1 - 12 Aug 2022

EISA sponsored the participation of its partners from the Sudanese civil society sector in the EISA Election Observation Mission (IEOM) to the 2022 general elections in Kenya deployed from 1 - 12 August 2022 and comprised of representatives from the Sudanese Center for Democracy and Development (SCDD), and Youth Training and Employment Organization (Youth TEO).

To prepare the delegation for the mission, the delegation participated in the
EISA observer mission orientation and briefing. The delegation was briefed
on the legalThe EISA civil society partners that are observing the elections participating in a workshop in the lead up to the elections. and constitutional framework of the host country Kenya, election observation principles as well as methods of data collection which encompassed observation through the use of tablets, political and legal analysis of the election, briefings by political parties, the EMB, civil society groups and media monitoring. Following the briefing observers were deployed to observe the election and counting process and were able to engage with local and international observers, share experiences and exchange information.

Participation in the EISA IEOM to the Kenyan elections enabled EISA's local partners to use this experience in applying the lessons learned from the mission for the benefit of the expected electoral process in Sudan.

Establishment of Sudan Election Monitoring Group (SEMG)

The mapping of potential partners is ongoing. Thus far this mapping has been limited to Khartoum-based organisations pending EISA's registration. About 15 organisations have been engaged in face-to-face and online platforms.

EISA introductory meeting with Sudanese civil society organisations

29 March 2022

EU representative Ms Sophie Hirsch addresses the CSOs

On Tuesday 29th March 2022, EISA Sudan held an introductory meeting with Sudanese civil society organisations providing an overview of EISA's project intervention in Sudan, funded by the European Union (EU) Delegation, Khartoum, Sudan.

In her opening remarks, the EU representative, Ms Sophie Hirsch appreciated the audience and encouraged Sudanese CSOs to tap into the continental experience and expertise that EISA brings to the project. Participating CSOs introduced their respective organisations, areas of interest, as well as their expectations of EISA's project. EISA highlighted the project objectives, thematic areas to be covered, expected deliverables, and the importance and benefits of a strategic partnership with the Sudanese CSOs as implementing partners.

The various CSOs introducing themselves

Representing 21 CSOs from all the regions in Sudan 35 participants, (31,43% of women and 68,57% men) attended, providing an insight into the realities and challenges faced by CSOs in general.

The project introductory meeting comes after a series of EISA engagements with local and international stakeholders working in the same space. Regional consultations will take place with CSOs from mid-May, which is the last phase to inform the establishment of the Sudanese Election Monitoring Group (SEMG).

Participants welcomed the initiative and commended the EU and EISA for providing this opportunity to Sudanese CSOs.


Election Observers capacity enhanced

EISA's Elections and Political Processes, as part of it's support for civil society electoral initiatives, organized a series of training of election observers in a number of African states that were inclusive of Kenya, Mozambique, Chad, Madagascar, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The training was aimed at preparing a pool of observers who may be called upon to participate in future observer missions (EOMs) during elections.

The workshops were attended by representatives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) and political parties. Over 300 observers in total were trained in the workshops that took place in these countries. The aim of involving all of the mentioned individual groups is to further improve the structure of elections, and to enhance election education in African countries and its citizens.

Workshop for CSOs


Workshop on the recruitment and training of observers

May & Nov 2009

Between May and November 2009, EISA's Elections and Political Processes, as part of it's support for civil society electoral initiatives, held two workshops for CSOs. The first two workshops were conducted by EISA, as a member of a joint partnership between International IDEA and other partners of the Network for Enhanced Electoral and Democratic Support (NEEDS) III project. The project is aimed at training domestic observer groups from selected countries which are beneficiaries of the European Union (EU) electoral assistance.

The training focused on consolidating election observation methodology in line with international and regional standards and to improve domestic observers' capabilities through the development of a common approach in the recruitment and training of observers. The first training took place in May 2009 in Randburg, South Africa, and was conducted for representatives of CSOs involved in citizen observation in their respective countries from Sudan, Kenya, Mozambique, Burundi, Ghana, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe, Algeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Chad, Liberia, Namibia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. The second training was held in Dakar, Senegal, in November 2009 and was conducted for 23 representatives of CSOs from Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo (Republic), Côte d'Ivoire, DRC, Gabon, Madagascar, Niger, Senegal and Togo.

Workshop on a common approach in election observation in Africa

August 2009

EISA's Elections and Political Processes, as part of it's support for civil society electoral initiatives, held a training workshop on election observation for representatives of CSOs from Africa. Participants were drawn from Sudan, Mozambique, Burundi, Algeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Chad, Liberia, Namibia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. The objective of the workshop was to ensure that African CSOs gradually develop a common approach in election observation as well as to ensure that electoral observation in Africa has a real impact on the democratic development agenda.

The workshop took place in August 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. By the end of the training, participants indicated that they had gained a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the value of EISA's election observation methodology.