EISA Somalia: Support to National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC)


Support to election management bodies in achieving gender quota

EISA supported the Federal Election Implementation Team (FEIT) dialogue forum on "promoting 30% quota in the 2021 House of the People Elections" in Barawe- Southwest. Barawe is the second electoral city in Southwest state. The objective of the event was to convince the clan elders who were reluctant to put women forward as candidates to reconsider their position and give women the opportunity to participate in political and public life. The forum was attended by 40 participants (30 women and 10 men) from FEIT, clan elders, Barawe Administration and women candidates.


Strategic retreat supported

3-8 June 2020

EISA supported an NIEC retreat held 3 June to prepare the historical address of 27 June to the parliament about the 2020/2021 elections. The retreat, which took place in Mogadishu, was attended by 37 NIEC staff and all the commissioners and advisors.

Memorandum of Understanding with NIEC signed

7 May 2020

EISA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the NIEC on 7 May 2020 expanding the areas of collaboration that EISA has to date provided and formalising the relationship between them for the first time.

Debate: Women's participation in Political party leadership

4-5 Mar 2020

In South West Federation Member State EISA and the NIEC hosted a debate with traditional leaders and CSOs on the topic "Women's participation in Political party leadership" in Mogadishu. The debate, which was face-to-face since it was before the Covid-19 pandemic measures, was attended by 110 participants.

Workshop for NIEC management: A gender sensitive election management body

27 Feb 2020

EISA held one-day workshop in support of a gender sensitive election management body (EMB) with the NIEC Commissioner, management and advisors. The aim of the workshop was to promote gender-responsive organizational culture with the NIEC.

The workshop was well received by the Commission who expressed interest in carrying this kind or training and message to their offices in other Federal Member States. EISA is in consultation with the NIEC as to how to take the process forward, looking at whether it should be region by region or bringing representatives from all regions to Mogadishu.


Engaging women and youth in Galmudug state

9 Dec 2019

EISA supported the NIEC in its engagement with women and youth in Dhusamreb, Galmudug state to capitalise on the momentum around the state elections and send a signal in support of women's political participation.

Engaging women and youth in Southwest state

10-11 Nov 2019

The first round of engagement was held on the 10 November and gathered CSOs and state actors and discussed the theme "women's participation in political party leadership". The political party registrar attended and facilitated the workshop using the material developed by the NIEC. The second round was held on the 11 November 2019 discussed the theme "women's participation in the electoral process". Both activities were attended each by 64 participants (23 men and 41 women).

Study tour to South Africa

Sep 2018

EISA facilitated a study tour, and participation in the EISA September 2019 symposium, to South Africa, for a seven-member delegation drawn from the NIEC, the Ministery of Constitutional Affairs and a representative of the office of the Somali Prime Minister. The delegation met with several institutions and role-players in regard to constitution-making, such as the Constitutional Court, the IEC, academics etc. The delegation was led by the Minister of MoCA, Salah Ahmed Jama.

Engagement with African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM)

EISA established a strategic partnership with the AMISOM through its Political Affairs Unit for mutual support in the implementation of programmes and discussions are underway as to the contribution EISA can make. EISA has begun to play a stronger role in regard to the preparations for the 2020 elections including attending and making presentations to the electoral information sharing meetings that comprise international partners supporting the NIEC.

Engagement with stakeholders

February/March 2019

From February to March 2019 the office engaged in a series of consultations with partners. In this regard, EISA engaged with the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation (MoIFAR), Ministry of Constitutional Affairs (MoCA), Banadir Regional Administration (BRA), National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC), and other implementing agencies such as the Integrated Electoral Support Group (IESG/UNDP) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), amongst others. FMSs ministries of Constitution and Interior have also reached out for collaboration.


Support to state actors involved in elections legal frameworks drafting and electoral management

January 2018

EISA supported a joint retreat attended by Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation, the National Independent Electoral Commission and the Boundaries and Federalism Commission. The retreat, which discussed the respective roles of the aforementioned institutions in the democratisation process, took place in Mogadishu on 22 and 23 January 2018.

The retreat resolved to establish the point of convergence and collaboration in the roles of these four institutions. All participating institutions at the retreat presented their work plans followed by a transparent and open discussion during which each institution was able to know what the others are doing and where their respective ministry/institutions are in the lead up to the 2020 universal suffrage elections.

Consultative meeting with Somali CSOs


National Independent Electoral Commission/CSOs dialogue facilitation

Updated October 2015

EISA Somalia facilitated a two day 'Let's Talk Elections' meeting between the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) and civil society on 12 and 13 September 2015. Since the selection of the NIEC Commissioners in July, this was the first interaction between the NIEC and civil society in Somalia.

Workshop for the Electoral Commission's Technical Selection Committee

Updated June 2015

From the 11-13 April 2015, EISA Somalia conducted a workshop for the independent Technical Selection Committee (TSC) of the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) and the Boundaries and Federalism Commission (BFC). The TSC was tasked with providing a shortlist of 27 candidates for each Commission and present it to parliament for the final vetting and ratification of the 9 members of each Commission. The technical workshop focused on:

  • aspects of election management;
  • the role of the Commissions; as well as
  • the methodologies for the selection of the candidates for the Commissions.

EISA Somalia was supported by the Marx Planck Institute in the roll-out of their program activities.