EISA Somalia: Civic outreach and dialogue


Civic Dialogue activities in Barawe district conducted

In ensuring legitimate and inclusive district council formation in Somalia, EISA conducted three civic dialogue activities, including civic dialogue pilots to support the Barawe community to engage in, participate and contribute to community issues that have deeply divided the community into clan lines. The civic dialogue has been piloted with the aim of supporting communities living in Barawe and its environs to engage in, participate and contribute to community issues of concern. The following dialogues took place:

  • Civic dialogue implementation with the objective of promoting peace, togetherness and solve issues of power sharing and clan dominance in the district council formation.
  • Civic dialogue broadcasting where talk shows were conducted to create ownership and synergies among the various levels of the community structures and systems in place during and after the formation of the inclusive district council so that communities may own the process and inculcate the culture of cohesiveness and peaceful coexistence.
Leadership training

1-6 Apr 2021

The the overall objective was to strengthen the capacity of local council members through the introduction of good leadership practices that they need to perform their leadership responsibilities. Twenty-one council members, 19 male and 2 females, attended.

Induction training

28-30 Mar 2021

The overall objective of the induction training was to equip the local council members with necessary information they need to carry out their responsibilities effectively. The topics include good governance and their roles and responsibilities. This training was held on 28th to 30th March 2021.


Trauma-Informed Resiliency (TIR) and Leadership Training programme in Galkacyo

11-13 Nov 2020

EISA implemented a Trauma-Informed Resiliency (TIR) and Leadership Training programme in Galkacyo from 11-13 November 2020, to enhance the skills and knowledge of the new council members to enable them to perform their function as required. Training material was provided by Finn Church Aid.

Induction training for the members of newly formed councils

8-10 Nov 2020

To orientate and familiarise the newly formed district council on its roles and responsibilities, EISA conducted an induction training for the members of newly formed councils in Galkacyo.

Twenty-seven council members, of which five were women, participated in the three-day induction training that was held from 8-10 November 2020 in Galkacyo town in Galmudug State.

Electoral Committees training in Galkacyo and Afmadow

Sep/Oct 2020

To lay the ground for free and fair election of the mayors and deputy mayors and build permanent structures through widespread inclusivity, EISA facilitated the training of Regional Electoral Committees, which are tasked with the election of mayors and deputy mayors, in Galkacyo in Galmudug State and in Afmadow in Jubaland with the support of the other consortium partners.

The activity aimed to prepare and educate the committees on the election procedure, principles of voting operations, voting steps, the correct use of election materials and the responsibilities of elections officials and vote counting procedures at the voting station.

Civic Dialogue Sessions during the District Council formation process in Afmadow, Jubaland

29-30 Sep 2020

To ensure the establishment of the legitimate and all-inclusive district councils in Somalia, EISA conducted a civic dialogue from 29-30 September 2020 in Afmadow in Jubaland. The purpose of civic dialogue sessions was to deliberate and brainstorm on how to ensure and inculcate community ownership into the process of forming inclusive and functioning district councils for the people in line with the Wadajir National Framework (WNF). The WNF outlines how to establish functioning permanent local government councils and administrations owned and managed by citizens, in partnership with the Federal and regional governments districts in Somalia and consists of four components: social healing, peace dividends, civic dialogues, and local governance.

Talk show in Galkacyo, Galmudug State

11-13 Aug 2020

EISA hosted civic dialogue talk shows from the 11 to 13 August 2020 in Galkayo town, Galmudug State, as part of its civic dialogue broadcasting activity. This show was broadcast on Somali National TV (SNTV) and Codka Mudug Radio Station, so as to reach out to the public on the importance of establishing inclusive district councils in bringing service provision decision making closer to the people.

In this way the talk shows were intended to promote peace, nurture coexistence and create ownership and synergies among the various levels of community structures and systems in place during and after the formation of a more inclusive district council. In-depth dialogue promotes better understanding and creates more cooperation between different groups of people in the district to avoid tension and reduce rifts that already exist in the community. The talk shows further aimed at promoting understanding of District Council formation and at soliciting feedback on that process.

The fifty participants that participated in the talk show, 20 women and 30 men, were drawn from different groups within the communities, including youth, women's and minority groups, as well as federal and state representatives.

Civic Dialogue Sessions during the District Council formation process in Galkacyo, Galmudug State

6 & 8 Aug 2020

EISA, with the support of Center for Research and Dialogue (CRD) and Finn Church Aid (FCA), organised and conducted civic dialogue activities in Galkacyo district, Galmudug State. The primary objective of the civic dialogue engagement was to deliberate and brainstorm on how to inculcate community ownership into the process of forming inclusive and functioning district councils for the people of Galkayo in line with the Wadajir National framework.

The civic dialogue session was held at Star Hotel, Galkayo, Galmudug State on 6 & 8 August 2020 attended by 36 participants drawn from different villages in Galkayo districts. The session participants were selected from Peace Committee members, youth, preparatory committees, technical committees, women group, and traditional elders, among others.

Progress in development of civic dialogue guidelines

Jul 2020

The poor relationship between Federation Member States and the Federal Government in the electioneering period in Jubbaland and Galmudug, where both States had presidential and parliamentary elections, hampered the progress of the local governance project, specifically the deployment of staff to the Federation Member States.

However, EISA managed to finalise the development of the Civic Dialogue Operational Guidelines for inclusive district council formation. The manual was approved by the FCA and translated from the English version into Somali. The printing phase of the manual will be undertaken early August, making it ready for use at the districts level.

EISA also deployed the EISA governance officer to Galmudug to lead and facilitate the EISA activities as soon the guidelines are printed, in conjunction with the other LG partners.

Support to Ministry of Constitutional Affairs public outreach

Jun/Jul 2020

As part of the Constitutional Review Process (CRP) support, EISA supported the digital approach to the rollout outreach activities on digital platforms. Remotely, EISA actively participated in the production of digital materials to be aired on different platforms such as TV, radio, and social media.

Building on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) booklets developed, EISA contributed to the conception of the new video about the FAQs on the Constitution aimed at reaching the broad Somalis online audience. The activity took place in June and materials were aired throughout July.


Development of operational guidelines for civic dialogue

Oct 2019

Despite challenges the consortium partners made some progress in finalising the conflict, political, economic and social assessment in Hirshablle and Galmudug States. The Center for Research and Dialogue (CRD), the other sub-partner, has initiated some Pre-Council Formation process activities in Hirshabelle including Project Launch, community engagement, creating awareness using radio broadcasts in local languages and activities focussing on gender mainstreaming and social healing and reconciliation.

While EISA's activities are dependent on the foundation to be laid by FCA and CRD as per the design of the project, EISA has in the meantime successfully recruited a lead and an associate consultant to develop the Operational Guidelines for Civic Dialogue & Training. An inception report has been submitted by the consultant while the manual is expected to be submitted in the last week of September to allow its translation in the Somali language before it is piloted.


Fourth and fifth Ministry of Constitutional Affairs Forums: Civic education strategy

June 2018

EISA supported the Fourth and Fifth Forums held by the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs (MoCA) on 15 and 16 March 2018 in Baidoa, South West State and on 29 and 30 June 2018 in Jowhar, Hirshabele, respectively. The Forums brought together MoCA and all relevant officials from Federal Member States including Banadir Regional Administration. The quarterly MoCA Forum reviews the Constitutional Review Process and promote a unified vision and general understanding regarding the review of the constitution between the Ministries of Constitutional Affairs of the Federal Member States and MoCA-Federal Government of Somalia.

The Fourth Forum successfully concluded with a Communiqué that also acknowledged the support of the International Community, international NGOs and local Somali NGOs to the finalisation of the constitutional review process. The Forum referenced the lessons learned from the 3rd MoCA forum that included the agreement on the civic education strategy by both the FGS and Federal Member States and the importance of holding the NCC to officially open the Constitution Review Campaign.

Besides the meetings of Mogadishu EISA, supported the consultative missions of the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, the Parliamentary Oversight Committee, and the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission in Federal Member States.

The three state bodies visited Jowhar (Hirshabelle) from 30 January to 1 February 2018 and Garowe (Puntland) from 14 to 16 February 2018 to meet the officials, the civil society organisations and the state parliaments of the two FMS. After the misunderstanding that brought about the cancellation of the National Constitutional Convention in August these meetings were a good opportunity for the three state mandated institution to resume collaboration. Traditional leaders and youth are better informed about the Constitutional Review Process (CRP) and have their say in the contentious issues. The meetings contribute to the inclusivity and public ownership of the CRP.

Public outreach event to the youth

May 2018

As part of its contribution to the public outreach programme of the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs (MoCA), EISA supported the ministry in organising a three hour Somali youth constitution sensitization public meeting on 6 May 2018 in Mogadishu. The event brought together 179 youth from the 17 districts of Mogadishu including young Somalis from the Diaspora to learn and ask questions about the Somalia provisional constitution by engaging with constitutional experts and officials. The event was also live on Facebook and followed by hundreds of other youth in and outside the country.The three panellists for the event were Mr. Zubeyr Abukar, Director General MoCA, a member of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee and another from the Independent Constitution Review Implementation Committee.

Operational management skills training for Ministry of Constitutional Affairs staff

April 2018

From 10 to 12 April 2018, EISA supported a training in Mogadishu for the staff of MoCA to expose them to the workings of the Ministry in Mogadishu. The workshop was aimed at improving the capacity of employees to boost their effectiveness and efficiency in regard to service delivery. The agenda covered public relations, public outreach, reporting and secretariat skills amongst other items.

The ministry conducted the training for 20 participants comprising two females and 18 males, targeting their respective job categories, in particular the newly recruited young graduates and the permanent civil servants.

Support to Ministry of Constitutional Affairs senior level training of trainers

April 2018

EISA supported Ministry of Constitutional Affairs (MoCA) in launching a comprehensive training of trainers workshop on civic education and public outreach (PO). The training aimed to instil a deeper understanding of public outreach and to cascade down the concept of an inclusive constitutional review civic education and PO programme to the regions and districts. The training was conducted in Mogadishu from 17 to 19 April 2018 and will be cascaded in all Federal Member States.

Attended by 52 trainers, 13 of whom were women, participants were drawn from CSOs, MoCA, Parliamentary Oversight Committee, Independent Constitution Review Implementation Committee, Federal Member States and the Banadir Administration Region. In addition to its support to workshops on civic education and PO, EISA started the dissemination of its booklets and flash drives on "Frequently Asked Questions on the constitution". About 10, 000 booklets were produced in the Somali and English languages to be shared with trainees, CSOs and states agencies for dissemination among citizens.


Ministry of Constitutional Affairs' third forum: Outreach strategy

December 2017

In preparation for its forthcoming public outreach activities, the Support to Ministry of Constitutional Affairs (MoCA) initiated a quarterly forum gathering key state and non-state actors involved in the constitution review process to discuss the achievements, challenges and way forward. EISA supported the third forum held on 22-23 December 2017 in Garowe (Puntland). The 31 participants included key federal state and federal member states authorities. Federal States and Federal Members States institutions were briefed on the MoCA outreach strategy and have a better idea of the activities to be conducted.

Ministry of Constitutional Affairs outreach strategy finalisation retreat

December 2017

With the support of EISA the Ministry of the Constitutional Affairs (MoCA) conducted a second retreat in regard to its Civic Education Strategy from 17 to 19 December 2017 in Mogadishu. The ministry brought 48 experts and key stakeholders from Federal Member States (Puntland State, Jubbaland State, South-west State, Galmudug State, Hirshabelle State), Banadir Administration Region, Civil Society Organizations, International NGOs, Office of the Prime Minister as well as the Office of the President. The objective of the event was to follow up and review the draft civic education strategy suggested by the team set up after the retreat of the 7 to 10 August 2017. MoCA has now an adopted public outreach strategy shared with EISA.

Constitutional review: Retreat to develop a public outreach and civic education strategy

Updated Aug 2017

The Ministry of Constitutional Affairs of the Federal Republic of Somalia (MoCA), as a mandated state actor to oversee the overall constitutional review and implementation process, successfully concluded a four-day technical "Retreat to develop the Public Outreach and Civic Education Strategy for the Constitutional Review Process in Somalia." Experts were drawn from the Independent Commission for the Review and Implementation of the Constitution (ICRIC), the Constitutional Oversight and Review Committee in the Federal Parliament (OC), Ministries of Constitution of Federal Member States, Somali Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and the international community.

Supported by EISA Somalia, the Technical Retreat took place from 7th to 10th August 2017 and was attended by over 60 participants including women and youth. Speakers at the opening and closing ceremonies included the Minister of Constitutional Affairs H.E. Avv.Abdi Hosh Jibril, the Deputy Minister of Constitutional Affairs Dr. Hussein Abdi Elmi and the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, HE Mr Cabrirahman Omar Osman, who gave his support to MoCA to assist in conveying information about the constitution to citizens to encourage their participation in the constitution review process. At the conclusion of the four day retreat a core team was established to finalise the strategy for a 2- year public outreach and civic education drive with the support of EISA Somalia.

Civic education and public participation in the CRP workshop


Workshops on civic education and public participation in the Constitutional Review Process

Updated May 2016

In line with its support to state institutions and non-governmental bodies involved in the constitutional review process, EISA conducted 2 rounds of trainings on the constitutional civic education and public outreach from 14 to 19 May 2016 in Mogadishu.

Opening speech by the Minister of Constitutional Affairs
Ministry of Constitutional Affairs Public Outreach

Updated May 2016

EISA supported a public outreach event of the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs (MoCA) on 24 and 25 April 2016 in Mogadishu. The event gathered more than 100 participants drawn from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from all over Somalia. There were delegates from Mogadishu as well as other regions: Puntland, Interim South West Administration, Hiraan & Middle Shabele, Galmudung and Jubaland.

Justin Doua, EISA Country Director shaking hands with the Minister of Constitutional Affairs

During the two days communications on the constitution and the contentious issues related to the constitution making process were made by experts from the ministry and academia.

The outreach was a unique opportunity for CSOs to raise their concerns and formulate suggestions during group works and open discussions sessions. This was be the only national engagement between the MoCA and CSOs concerning the public outreach as planned by the federal government. EISA urged the ministry to issue a strong and official communique from the event that will be shared with all the stakeholders including the international community.

The opening was co-chaired by minister Hussein Mohamud Sheikh Hussein of Constitutional Affairs; the Chairperson of the Independent Commission for the Review and Implementation of the Constitution (ICRIC), M. Mohamed Abdalla Saleh and MP Mariam Arif Qassim, Chairperson of Constitutional Oversight and Review Committee in the Federal Parliament. The closing was chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister of the federal government, Mohamed Omer Arteh in the presence of the three officials mentioned above.