EISA Somalia: Women's participation in electoral and governance processes

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Supporting training in the FMSs: outreach strategies for the women's 30% quota

July 2021

A total of 25 events were held during the reporting period. EISA reached all six FMSs. These activities focused on outreach strategies for the women's 30% quota. Clan elders, religious leaders, women, and youth and state actors were present. Among the topics discussed during the events were: Civic education on democracy, governance, and active political participation of women; increasing women's participation in the indirect elections; the role of traditional and religious leaders in achieving the 30% women's quota; women's participation in Parliamentary election in Somalia, Somali women 30% quota in the 2020/2021 elections; strengthening and increasing political participation of women in the 2020/2021 electoral process and beyond; strengthening the capacity of women aspirants and advancing the 30% women's quota. In Galmudug, the event resulted in the establishment of an inter-ministerial committee on women quota.

On 31 July 2021, EISA also supported an introductory meeting between the 30% quota task force members, Goodwill Ambassadors and women candidates in Mogadishu, BRA. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the 30% Quota Task Force team and Goodwill Ambassadors to the women aspirants/candidates, build a working relationship, and establish trust between them. The 30% Quota Task Force team and Goodwill Ambassadors will lobby for 30% women's quota in the election women's participation and promote peaceful participation in the process. They will also commit to peace and work closely with local communities, especially women, youth groups, religious leaders, local administrators, and political institutions at district and community levels to ensure peaceful indirect elections and develop unity and peace networks. The meeting was attended by 118 participants, 48 Taskforce members, 60 women candidates, and 10 Goodwill Ambassadors. See Workshop on Leadership for Women Political Quota

Round tables with political leaders, clan leaders and CSO representatives to promote women political participation promoted

SONSA with the support of EISA held a roundtable in the Galmudug region with political leaders and key electoral stakeholders from women organisations and activists, youth, regional authorities, clan elders and religious leaders to ensure women active participation in the elections and to ensure their quota in both upper and lower house seats. The outcome of the roundtables was a commitment from stakeholders to support strategies that promote women political participation and influence clan leaders and traditional elders to female candidates and ensure a 30% quota for women.

Roundtable on women's participation in electoral processes

Somali Non-State Actors (SONSA) with the support of the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA), organised a CSOs roundtable in Mogadishu, Somalia on 24 February 2021. The 30 participants included political leaders and key women's CSOs. The objective of the roundtable was to develop a shared understanding of the key issues around womens political participation in Somalia. Discussions included challenges that hinder womens participation under the existing electoral system with a view of identifying advocacy strategies that will promote the implementation of the 30% women quota and strengthen womens participation in the anticipated 2020/2021 elections. The event also discussed advocacy strategies and documented recommendations for different stakeholders.

The roundtable was highly interactive, with a keynote address and discussions led by representatives from 2021 Roundtable on women's political participation Save Somali Women and Children, Somalia Gender Equality Movement, HINNA, IIDA, Somali Women Lawyers Association, Women Journalists Association, Somali Women Development Centre(SWDC) and Somali Women's Leadership Initiative(SWLI).

A similar event is planned for 28 February 2021 in the Kismayo region.

This roundtable is one among other planned activities aimed at enhancing women political participation and reducing electoral conflict in Somalia under the Support to Peaceful elections in Somalia (PEACE ) project supported by the European Union.

Photo Credit: SONSA @SONSA_NSA