EISA Somalia: Workshop on Leadership for Women Political Quota

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2021 Roundtable on women's political participation


10-11 Jul 2021

Workshop on Leadership for Women Political Quota

On 10 - 11 July 2021, EISA supported a workshop on leadership for the women's 30% quota organised by the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development (MoWHRD) in Galmudug State, Somalia.

Held as part of the EISA's outreach strategy for the women's 30% quota initiative ahead of the upcoming elections in Somalia. The training workshop was attended by the Galmudug Vice President, His Excellency Ali Yusuf Eid, Minister of MoWHRD, Hon. Ubah Dhiblawe, Minister of Justice, Hon. Cabdi Mohamed and women leaders from six district associations, namely Abudwaq, Cadado, Herale, Guriceel, Galkacyo, and Dhusamareeb.

2021 Roundtable on women's political participation

The overall workshop objective was to enhance the capacity of women and highlight the importance of women taking leadership positions, advocacy, campaigns and uniting them in the quest to attain the 30% women quota.

This workshop also contributed to the selection of district women champions to take the cause of women representatives to the grassroots level. Most importantly, the workshop enhanced the participants' understanding of the barriers that affect women political participation and the strategies to overcome them, origins of women's political participation in Somalia, women quota, leadership and the benefits of women political participation. At the end of the training workshop, participants made the following pledges.

Women MPs: "Pledged to support their sisters, especially those standing for the Senate. Our doors are open to all women candidates for advice and campaigns."

Women District Association chairpersons: "We represent all women and shall support women across political/clan divide. Its women for women cause."

The workshop was attended by 50 participants, of whom 46 were women.

2021 Roundtable on women's political participation