After contributing to building the capacity of political parties and civil society actors to observe the 2009-2013 electoral process in Chad, EISA is now back with a 2-year project entitled "Appui aux Acteurs Citoyens Tchadiens et aux Élections (ACTE)", aiming at establishing a citizens' coalition and strengthening the technical capacity of its members in civic and voter education, monitoring of electoral processes, prevention and management of electoral conflicts, monitoring of social networks and advocacy for electoral reforms. Specifically, ACTE will:

  • Strengthen the capacities of citizen actors to develop and implement a strategy for civic and electoral education and voter mobilization and popularization of fundamental legal documents.
  • Strengthen the capacities of CSOs to enable them to set up an adequate mechanism for citizen observation of the constitutional referendum and the upcoming elections (presidential and legislative) that will set an end to the political transition.
  • Support the analytical capacities of the EU Delegation in Chad while contributing to independent assessments of the transitional process various steps (Inclusive National Dialogue, Drafting of the new Constitution and revision of the legal electoral framework in Chad).

The action will take into account cross-cutting issues, such as human rights respect, gender mainstreaming, inclusion of minorities and internally displaced persons, in order to contribute to the reduction of discrimination and to promote the inclusion and participation of all in the political and electoral process.

Contact Us

Dr Pierre Kadi Sossou, Country Representative - sossou@eisa.org
Tel: +235 69 25 62 59
Quartier Moursal, Ave Kondol, Rue 5031, Porte 422, N'Djemena, Republic of Chad

Donor support and funds

ACTE is funded by the European Union (EU) Delegation in Chad