EISA DRC: Media reform


Advocacy for reforms in the media sector

EISA established a working relation with the media professional union (UNPC) and regulatory body (CSAC) and aided SYMOCEL to capitalise on these associations to advocate for reforms in the media sector. SYMOCEL was the only organisation that conducted a full-scale media monitoring exercise during the recent electoral cycle in DRC. This positions the SYMOCEL EOM as a key stakeholder in regard to media issues.

Among SYMOCEL's recommendations were:

  • the adoption of a media law that promotes more effective political pluralism, particularly in respect of the public media;
  • the appropriate financial and institutional support to the regulation body (CSAC) to fulfill its mandate; and
  • to include social and online media in its monitoring samples.
Media legislation

The SYMOCEL advocacy plan has included a section on democratic access to the media, particularly regarding opposition political actors. With the technical assistance of EISA, SYMOCEL is the only election observation group that has monitored the media throughout the current electoral cycle in DRC, commencing in 2016.

A key recommendation that emerged from the media monitoring exercise included the adoption of a press/media law that guarantees political pluralism in public and private media and ensures the independence and financial sustainability of media groups.

EISA has strengthened the capacity of SYMOCEL to partner with media actors and local influencers and be at the forefront in advocating for election reforms and attaining concrete results.