Strengthening Democracy through NEPAD: The Role of African Civil Society

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EISA will be holding a conference on Strengthening Democracy Through Nepad: The Role of African Civil Society on the 26th and 27th May 2003. The conference will take place at the Rosebank Hotel, Cnr Tyrwhitt & Studee Avenues, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa (the programme will be available from this page next week).

The conference participants include representatives from civil society organisations active in the field of elections and democracy, academia, donors and trade unions. This conference aims to bring together experts and opinion leaders from African Civil Society in East, West, Southern and Central Africa to explore and share concrete problems, possible solutions and best practices in the context of Strengthening Democracy through NEPAD.

This core group of approximately 80 delegates are expected to identify the organisational needs of African civil society to engage in NEPAD and the APRM and recommend solutions to meet the needs, as well as develop a plan of actions for the effective participation of African civil society in NEPAD and the APRM.

EISA would like to acknowledge the Royal Danish Embassy and the Embassy of New Zealand for their generous support of this important event.