Screen print of EISA Mozambique's Twitter account page EISA Mozambique: Adaption of work methodology in the COVID-19 pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic imposed a new modus operandi for EISA's Mozambique Office. As a result of social distancing recommendations, EISA adopted an online work strategy, which resulted in:

  1. the use of TV Talk Shows; and
  2. an online presence on three social networks: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
Flyer: EISA Mozambique's Youth Conference 19 and 26 April 2021

Created in April, the three social media accounts are being used to communicate with the public and to disseminate EISA's work, including Policy Briefs, articles, photos, talk show videos, books and webinars.

Regarding the Tv talk shows - following an invitation that EISA received from STV, an independent and most influential TV channel in the country, to be part of a weekly talk show, mainly to present and discuss our own Policy Brief and other publications - several debates were held on a local television, where various topics were discussed, some of which were addressed in the Policy Briefs and others of national interest, namely:

  • Proposal of an Alternative and Functional Model of Electoral Management in Mozambique;
  • COVID-19 as an opportunity for the implementation of e-Government;
  • Balance of the State of Emergency and possible scenarios for June;
  • Roles and competences of the Secretary of State in the Province;
  • Commitment and risk subsidy for the Mozambican soldiers in Cabo Delgado;
  • The President's legal and constitutional options in the context of COVID-19;
  • The impact of restriction measures in the Mozambican economic and social sectors;
  • Mozambique and the possible opening of schools at a time of COVID-19;
  • The background of the Mozambican Political parties and their performance in the Mozambican democracy; and
  • Risks and threats for the RENAMO DDR process.

In the last week of July, EISA Mozambique was invited to participate in a talk show on STV, a national independent TV station, on the topic "The end of the 120 days of State of Emergency as per the Mozambican Constitution and emerging scenario under Administrative Law".