EISA Mali: Political party poll watching


Election monitoring and poll watching round table
Election monitoring and poll watching roundtable

April 2015

EISA used the opportunity of the publication of the election time table to convene a round table on 5 March 2015 on political parties' election monitoring and poll watching on Election Day. The round table that gathered 55 political parties' National Secretary in charge of training or electoral issues, including seven women, (one representative per party) took place in Bamako, the capital city, as most parties are headquartered in the city.

Three introductory presentations were made by the EISA Country Representative and two local experts on:

  • The principles of free and fair elections.
  • Preventing, detecting and combating electoral fraud.
  • The criteria for the selection, training, deployment and management of political parties' poll-watchers. Election monitoring and poll watching round table

The round table was an opportunity for the parties officials present to have a better understanding of the concept of "free and fair elections" and "electoral malpractice and fraud" as well as to share the difficulties they encounter, and their experiences and practices in the management of their poll-watchers and Election Day information gathering.

After the presentations and the discussion that followed, the participants suggested that EISA provided them with a template of Elections Day monitoring form and organize training sessions for their agents in polling stations.


Poll watching training
Parties and candidates' poll-watchers trained

July 2013

EISA used the opportunity of the National Assembly elections to conduct training activities for party poll-watchers involved in poll watching on Election Day. Prior to the trainings, a training handbook on poll watching was developed providing guidelines on how they should monitor the elections and report their polling day observations.

Using this training handbook we provided three (03) one-day training sessions to a total of 330 party poll-watchers. The first training location was Dioila (175 km from Bamako) and gathered 133 agents from the three (03) lists in competition. The second training session which included 104 participants was organised in Mopti in the northern region. The third and last training session gathered 93 agents and took place in Bamako. The training workshops offered an opportunity for participants from different parties to share ideas on the role of political parties in safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process and agree on harmonised data collection and reporting poll watching forms provided by EISA.