EISA Mali: Conflict Management Panels

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Conflict Management Panels


Conflict Management Panels established

During the 2013 presidential and legislative elections, EISA was able to introduce its Election Conflict Management model which establishes Conflict Management Panels. This was the first time such an activity has taken place in Mali. To implement the project, EISA partnered with four (4) national NGOs, drawing panellists from these NGOs in compliance with a set of criteria drafted by EISA in consultation with the NGOs. Some of the criteria for selection included being a Malian citizen, being a member of partnering NGOs, not politically involved, impartial and resident of the area of deployment. Selected mediators signed the criteria sheet provided by EISA. EISA developed the relevant training material and trained a total of 242 mediators of which 103 were women. These mediators were deployed to Bamako, Ségou, Koutiala, Mopti, Timbuktu, Gao and Ansango (in the region of Gao). Timbuktu and Gao are northern regions occupied by Jihadists movements in 2012.

Conflict Management panels

The Conflict Management panels achieved:

  • Diversity in the participants in terms of professional affiliation, gender, region and religion;
  • Electoral conflicts mapped, prevention and mediating mechanisms discussed;
  • Civil Society Organisations' skills enhanced in managing and resolving conflict either during the electoral process or within the normal routine of community life;
  • The legal and institutional framework for the presidential election and legislative elections and the role of key electoral stakeholders discussed and well understood by participants;
  • Shared learnings from other EISA programmes such as the DRC's, Burundi's and Chad experiences amongst local CSO's on election conflict management;
  • De facto integration of CMP's in the electoral scene in Mali; and
  • Creation of a pool of mediators ready to get involved in any kind of conflict management in their community.
Conflict Management panels
Mediators trained and deployed

From the presidential election to the legislative elections, a total of 242 mediators were trained and deployed as follows

  • Bamako: 24 panels of 122 mediators including 50 women
  • Ségou: 09 panels of 30 mediators including 08 women
  • Koutiala: 01 panel of 05 mediators including 02 women
  • Mopti: 06 panels of 31 mediators including 19 women
  • Timbuktu : 05 panels of 26 mediators including 10 women
  • Gao: 06 panels of 26 mediators in Gao including 14 women and 02 mediators in Ansango.