EISA Kenya: Representation and inclusivity in political parties

Activities ainmed at inclusivity of women in Kenya form part of EISA's work to increace the capacity of political parties has been undertaken by EISA's Governance Institutions and Political Processes (GIPPS) department, under its political parties programme. The aim is to contribute to an open, inclusive and democratic political system, by strengthening this crucial set of stakeholders in the processes of democratic governance.


United Republican Party's women's workshop
United Republican Party women's workshop

June 2014: URP women's congress workshop

EISA Kenya and United Republican Party (URP) organized a women's congress workshop for the party. The workshop was held on 20th to 22nd June 2014 at Simba Lodge, Naivasha. The workshop, which is part of the party strengthening activities brought together both elected and nominated women representatives (from the national and county levels) of the party. The URP is a member of the ruling Jubilee coalition.

The main agenda of the meeting was establishment of the URP party URP women's congress workshop women's league. Accordingly, the participants were apprised on the current party status, importance of the women congress as well as the roles of women both in politics and in a political party. The workshop also provided an opportunity for the women caucus to validate the rules governing their congress. It culminated in the election of interim officials to the congress office. The office bearers were mandated to, among others, help the party to recruit more members, enhance party activities and visibility at the grass root level as well as vet members nominated to vie for various seats.


Effectiveness and internal democracy

EISA Kenya convened a meeting aimed at lobbying political parties to endorse and subsequently domesticate the Setting Benchmarks for Enhanced Political Party Performance for Democratic Governance in Africa developed at EISA's 2010 Symposium. The meeting also succeeded in making recommendations for additional benchmarks on gender mainstreaming.

Ten parties endorsed the benchmarks, namely Orange Democratic Party (ODM), Orange Democratic Party- Kenya (ODM-Kenya); Party of National Unity (PNU); SAFINA Party; Forum for Restoration of Democracy- Kenya (FORD Kenya); New FORD Kenya; Liberal Democratic Party of Kenya (LDP); National Rainbow Coalition- Kenya (NARC Kenya); Democratic Party of Kenya (DP); and the United Democratic party (UDM).