Mozambique: Election observation reports and statements

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2021: Elections follow-up mission

EISA's EPP department conducted an election follow-up mission to Mozambique from 23-26 March 2021. The team of four met with the National Electoral Commission (CNE), the Constitutional Court, the governing FRELIMO party, and the two largest opposition parties namely RENAMO and MDM. A meeting with CSOs was held virtually and face to face in a round table discussion that included CDD, CESC, Socientade Aberta and SOLDMOZ. With the Swedish Embassy a face to face meeting was held, while meetings with the Embassy of Norway in Mozambique and the Canadian Embassy were held online due to restrictions on physical meetings by these two embassies.

Stakeholders intimated that electoral laws require harmonisation, for the many conflicting laws make legal interpretation difficult when a disputes arise. EISA continues to engage these partners and donors for future collaboration in with regards to the issue of harmonisation.

Release of the EISA EOM preliminary statement by mission leaders at a press conference on 17 Oct 2019

2019 National and Provincial elections

EISA EOM documents
EISA Mozambique election newsletters

Uma publcação semanal sobre o processo eleitoral de 2019 em Moçambique:

The leaders of the EISA EOM to Mozambique meet with the Constitutional Council
In the news

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Observer mission statements

Head of Elections and Political Processes, Olufunto Akinduro, briefs EISA EOM observers prior to deployment


2018 Municipal elections

2018 Mozambique Municipal elections: EOM member observes door to door campaigning 2018 Mozambique Municipal elections: EISA voter registration assessment team


2014 Presidential, Parliamentary and Provincial

2013 Municipal elections

Technical assessment Team Report: Portuguese  ·  English


2009 Presidential, Parliamentary and Provincial

1999 National Assembly election

2004 Presidential and Parliamentary

Election Talk

1999 National Assembly election

  • EOM Report: Mozambique 1999 Elections, Denis Kadima
  • Election Update Mozambique 1999: English No 4-5, Portuguese 3-5