EPP: Online Integrity Tool

Data collection and collation and analysis hardware

EISA's Online Integrity Tool seeks to enable observer groups to conduct a qualitative assessment of the different elements of the electoral cycle as a basis for developing a balanced and comprehensive assessment of an electoral process.

This is because, in the course of its electoral support work, EISA recognised discrepancies in the quality of assessments undertaken by different observer groups and variations among regional and sub-regional election assessment instruments.

The toolkit was initially designed to support the Africa Union as well as other regional communities in their efforts to promote democracy on the African continent through election and assessment initiatives. To this end, this has led EISA to develop an election integrity assessment scorecard that seeks to:

  • Further contribute to improving electoral democracy strengthening in Africa.
  • Enable observer groups to analyse all aspects of the electoral cycle.
  • Enable observer groups to make and issue a balanced qualitative assessment of the integrity of a given electoral process.

The toolkit does this by:

  • Providing a checklist on election with several components.
  • Providing the basis for developing a balanced qualitative overall assessment of an electoral process.
  • Providing the qualitative scoring of the different elements of the electoral cycle.
  • Automatically calculating the integrity of an electoral process using formulas but based on international standards for credible elections.
  • Building knowledge on electoral processes and as well as popularising international and regional standard for democratic elections

The toolkit was piloted for use during EISA's Technical Assessment Mission in Zambia's 2021 General elections and was again used by EISA's Election Observation Mission for The Gambia's Presidential elections in December of that year.