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2015 Egyptian legislative elections

EISA Witnessing Mission Report: Arabic  ·  English

EISA Witnessing Mission statements

Witnessing Mission: Referendum January 2014

EISA Witnessing Mission statements

National roundtable on election observation in Egypt, 2014

Technical Assessment Mission: 2012 Constitutional Referendum

EISA Election Witnessing Mission Report Egypt

Witnessing Mission: Presidential Elections May, June 2012

Witnessing Mission: Shura Council Elections January-February 2012

  • EISA Election Witnessing Mission Report Egypt: The People's Assembly and Shura Council Elections, November 2011-February 2012: English  ·  Arabic
  • Second and Final Phase preliminary Statement: English  ·  Arabic
  • First Phase: Interim statement: English / Arabic  ·  Preliminary statement: English / Arabic

EISA EOM to Egypt press briefing

Witnessing Mission to the People's Assembly Elections November-December 2011