EISA Egypt: 2014 National roundtable on election observation in Egypt

23 June 2014

EISA's Elections and Political Processes programe, as part of its support for civil society electoral initiatives, co-facilitated a roundtable event on election observation in Egypt on 23 June 2014. The other facilitators were the Embassies of Mexico and of Switzerland in Egypt.

The Roundtable provided a platform for interaction between representatives of electoral authorities and CSOs to address the need for a more coordination approach towards citizen observation and accreditation procedures for citizen observers in the Egyptian context. It was also a lesson-learning event at which international experts shared experiences from other countries.

The roundtable received inputs from the following international experts: Justice Johann Kriegler, former Chairperson of the South African Electoral Commission; Dr Lucien Toulou, EISA's Programmes Director; Bushra Abu-Shahout, Director of Policies at the Independent Election Commission of Jordan (a former member of the National Commission for Human Rights); and Sheik Abdul Carimo Sau, Chairperson of the Mozambican Electoral Commission.