EISA Côte d'Ivoire: EISA 2020 IEOM's expert analysis and reporting

See also: Media monitoring

The EISA/TCC IEOM produced fortnightly reports on the legal, political, electoral and security environment. These reports enabled the mission to systematically monitor and assess the state of play in the run-up to the election. The analytical reports also served as an information channel to EISA, TCC and in turn, USAID. In regard to the USAID CIV team, the reports also served to enrich the discussion meetings held with the USAID team.

The reports focused on the revision of the electoral list, the registration of candidates and the technical preparations for the ballot according to the prevailing political environment and the legal questions raised therein. Security issues were the subject of a separate report. On a weekly basis, an assessment of the security situation enabled the IEOM team to be informed and to follow the recommendations mentioned.

The media monitoring unit produced different reports and analysis such as daily press reviews and weekly social media monitoring reports based on analysis gathered using an application called Crowdtangle.