Election Observation for African CSOs: Training Workshop 2009

EISA Johannesburg, South Africa

25-28 August 2009


Over the years EISA has established and refined a rigorous methodology around election observation. Observations and reports generated by EISA election observation missions (EOMs) are a valuable and respected resource in the SADC region and increasingly, in the rest of Africa. The expansion of EISA's focus has resulted in the deployment of continental election observer missions comprised of representatives of civil society organisations (CSOs) from the five sub regions of Africa. EISA looked to training new partners from these regions in order to establish a common methodological approach.

Workshop objectives

This was the first of a series of EISA workshops that aimed to build observer capacity and a continental observation network. Special attention was paid to CSOs from countries without a long tradition of democratic elections and a number of experienced CSOs were included to facilitate peer learning.

The workshop created a platform for the sharing of knowledge and experiences for 26 participants drawn from countries that had recently held elections or were preparing for elections to be held in the near future. By the end of the training, participants had gained a full understanding and appreciation of the value and utility of EISA's election observation methodology.