Effective Electoral Assistance Workshop 2008

23-28 June 2008, Maputo

EISA supported the fifth presentation of the Joint Training on Effective Electoral Assistance, organized by the European Commission, United Nations Development Programme and International IDEA.

The course was the first organized with a contribution of the Canadian International Development Agency and International Organization in Migration in the context of the established "Global Platform on Effective Electoral Assistance". The course was aimed at selected EC-UNDP staff as well as staff of other interested development partners and international organizations dealing with electoral assistance and electoral management bodies.

The training covered EU/EC and UN/UNDP policies and procedures for assessing, formulating, approving, implementing and monitoring electoral assistance projects. It also addressed issues relating to sustainable electoral systems and processes, election events per se, and the broader framework of democratic governance within which elections take place.

The training was hands on, with concrete thematic and country examples. Its ultimate objective was to enhance the effectiveness of electoral assistance.

The different sessions of the course were delivered by members of the EC-UNDP Joint Task Force on Electoral Assistance, senior staff of IDEA, IOM and EISA, senior staff of electoral management bodies and senior electoral experts.