EISA Chad: Civic & voter education

practices of local government elections

2011: CSOs trained in civic education

EISA worked with organised CSOs to ensure that participation of citizens is effectively coordinated for maximum impact and build citizens' capacity to play informed roles and expand their involvement in the decision-making process. EISA's intervention was aimed at assisting Chadien electoral stakeholders to familiarise themselves with concepts, issues and practices of local government elections as this was the first time that Chad held local government elections since independence.

Training of trainers were carried out in voter and civic education country wide for 78 participants, including 34 women. A comprehensive training handbook was updated, developed and distributed to trainers for them to train those involved in civic education activities in their organisations and for them also to be able to design and implement civic and voter education programmes. In addition, a handbook for local elections was finalised providing basic information for the conduct and understanding of local government elections.

Voter training in Chad

Trainers were well equipped with skills and techniques necessary to conduct outreach activities in order to encourage citizen participation in the electoral and democratisation processes.

2010: Establishment of civil society network

EISA supported the establishment of a civil society organisations network. This was a consultative process engaging local CSOs on the nature and structure of the network, and criteria for membership of the network. While the network's immediate objective was to put in place a citizen observation and party agent capacity building project, as well as a voter education programme, a broader long-term goal to ensure sustainability of the network was agreed and included a broader democracy and civic education programme and training was provided to CSOs in conducting civic and voter education programmes.